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Returns and refund

Returns and refunds

Consumer has the right to inform the company (per e-mail at info@zzuza.com) about the purchase order cancellation within 15 days of package receipt without having to name the causes for his decision. The goods must be returned to the salesman in no later than 30 days after the return notice. The goods must be returned unharmed and in unchanged quantity, unless the goods has not been damaged or broken by the buyer himself. The product must also be returned in an intact original packaging.

Refund will be executed as soon as possible, but no later than 30 after receiving the cancellation notice. 

If the refund is justified the customer has the right to select another product from the supply, demand a credit note or a purchase price refund.

When a refund cannot be executed immediately due to a defective product the company drafts a reclamation record and sends the goods for analysis which either confirms or rejects the grounds for the enforcement of the reclamation claim. The company pays the analysis costs only if the reclamation claim is justified, otherwise these expenses must be settled by the customer.

Shipments with a purchase price will not be accepted.



When receiving a shipment, if the customer notices that the product or the packaging has been damaged or opened he or she should initiate the complaint process. This is done by taking a picture of the package and sending it to us as evidence at info@zzuza.com. Based on the evidence sent we will decide if the reclamation claim is justified, and we will see to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Please be sure to send us an e-mail before returning the goods.